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Men's Gym T-Shirts & Tops

Browse our range of fitted men’s gym t-shirts and tops for a more comfortable, yet stylish look for your next workout. 100% designed and made in the UK. 

Our Workout T-Shirts

Sole Ambition men's gym t-shirts not only look and feel great, but we’re proud to say that all our gym tops have been manufactured here in the UK and are 100% British made. Only the best quality fabrics have been used to manufacture our training tops such as 100% organic combed cotton, whilst ensuring that all necessary trims such as zips and drawstrings have also been locally sourced from UK only suppliers. Our gym wear tops are available to buy in all the basic colours such as black, white, grey and navy and we currently stock sizes Small to XL. We hope to increase the number of styles and colours we offer significantly as we continue to grow and expand.

All our men's gym t-shirts and tops are fitted and built to minimise fabric bagginess while flattering the body. Because there are a lot of terms out there in the industry that are not consistent across brands, such as muscle fit, athletic fit, slim fit, skin fit and sports fit, we feel it’s easier for us to describe our gym tee’s in this way. This type of fit ensures comfort levels are maintained, never too tight and never too loose. To help maintain fit, we've also accounted for slight shrinkage during the initial design process to help ensure maximum usage of the garment throughout it's life-cycle.

All our gym t-shirts can be utilised for any type of fitness training but please pay attention to product descriptions for more detailed information on this, as some tee's may be specifically built for a certain sport or activity. Also, if you are carrying out training that involves a more aggressive type of physical contact such as mixed martial arts for example, the shirts may hold up just fine but again, please check the product descriptions since a cotton made t-shirt won’t be as strong and durable as a polyester one.

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