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Men's Slim Fit Navy Athletic Shorts With Zip Pockets


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The Start Up Collection

Our Navy blue athletic gym shorts accentuate the physique and offer numerous storage options in the form of pockets and phone holders. Full product description here.

Athletic Shorts Product Features

  • 100% British made
  • Invisible styled zip pockets
  • 3 zip up pockets included.
  • Phone pocket added inside right side pocket
  • Inside liner included
  • Incorporates a slim fit style
  • Mesh side panels added on both sides
  • Navy & white graphic near hem
  • Added elastic in waistband for a closer fit
  • Navy blue 100% polyester
  • Drawstrings located inside

Model shown is wearing size M and is 5'11"

Product Description

Introducing our Navy slim fit athletic gym shorts for men. We’ve added some fantastic features to these Startup Collection shorts so let’s do a quick overview. We want the wearer to look and feel good about themselves and nothing does that quite like a flattering slim fit design. We also ensure the shorts length finishes around the lower quads for a truly athletic looking style. Suitable as both gym and casual wear, these shorts have versatility written all over them! It’s a fact, people love zip up pockets on their sports shorts so we’ve added three to this pair. Two are located on either side of the shorts and one at the back. All three pockets and zips are extremely minimal, helping maintain a clean aesthetic look to the garment.

Inside the right hand pocket we have included a phone holder. Fit your iPhone, Android or any other mobile device inside and you’ll be able to keep your phone safe and free of movement during your workouts. To help the shorts stay put and not slide down during exercise we’ve added an elasticated waistband and inside drawstrings. The elastic does a great job of keeping the shorts in place and comfortable. If you’re after a little more support, the drawstrings have been added to provide that extra layer of snugness should you need it.

These Navy blue men’s athletic shorts are made of microfiber polyester and feature navy coloured mesh side panels on both sides. We’ve also added the Sole Ambition branding near the bottom hem of the shorts. Everything you see has been solely produced and sourced in the UK which makes us extremely proud.

Wash Care Instructions

Looking after your garment is important and we're here to make that process a little easier. We've added wash care labels to all our garments but instead of letting you rustle around for them, we will add all the label information below so there's zero confusion on how each garment should be washed and treated:

  • Use a cool 30 degree wash cycle
  • Suitable for tumble drying on low heat
  • Iron on low heat if absolutely required

Product Name:
Men's Navy Slim Fit Athletic Shorts With Zip Pockets - Startup Collection

Label Text:
100% Polyester

Final Tips
Although polyester isn’t known for creasing, occasionally you might notice one or two. Now, although we recommend not ironing the garment, if you really have to, turn the product inside out and use a tiny drop of water on the area. Set the iron to low and iron over the area very briefly to see if this helps. Be careful, prolonged exposure to heat may damage the garment. Ensure you keep the heat away from the branded print too. Sometimes lint and dust can affect the appearance of darker coloured polyester shorts so if you ever find this happening, we’d recommend using a lint roller. Their cheap and inexpensive to buy and leave your clothes looking brand new. They don’t take long to work their magic either, a 10-20 second roll and you’ll be done.